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    Your well being is important

    With so many demands on our lives, we tend to forget to listen to our inner self. Slowly, stress creeps in and takes over our lives. I defined the silent killer (stress) as a mental or physical pressure which affects the total well-being of an individual. A lot of people in today's world ignore the buzzing signal of stress and they sometimes end up in the hospital. Stress weakens the immune system. Stress causes all sorts of problems to our health if not addressed on time.

    A few years ago when I was working with a reputable organisation with so many clients to deal with, couple with long hours of travels to and fro......Being on the tube and most times not having to sit down due to over-crowding during rush hour.. Life was on the fast lane for me...I had to focus on the future (starting my own business) in order not to allow my clients; issues to over-burden and cloud my personal life. The pay was very good but my health and relationship was equally suffering.

    I was given a wake-up call when I visited the clinic for a check-up meeting. The nurse reminded that life is more important than wealth. She told me to watch my blood pressure ----- scary! Stress does not respect anyone despite your age. As a woman, staying focus on your health should be your no1 priority. Because we give out so much of ourselves, we tend not to check on our well-being and it could be very costly. It is time to step back and study your health score card to ensure that you and I are on track with ourselves.

    "In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to the details around us." - Virginia Woolf

    My suggestion to you my reader is for you to set GOALS to become STRESS FREE.


    Take ACTION!

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